Feel good about your coffee...


From farm to cup, we responsibly source our coffees and conveniently package them into recyclable single-serve cups compatible with Keurig-style brewers. 

Why Single-Source?  

It tastes wonderful; your cup of coffee is from one very special farm at a time, not blended, it's pure and stands on its own.

Our single-source coffees are selected for the unique layers of flavor absent in many large-batch blended coffees.  Try it black, we take pride in delivering coffee so great that it can be enjoyed without milk and sugar.

Why Single-Serve?  

Great flavor should be easy and convenient to brew. 

Part art and part science, we meticulously designed our dosing (weight of coffee per serving), proprietary grind style, and filter material into a recyclable single-serve cup for a café quality experiencce in a fraction of the time.

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